Letra Davis

Letra Davis is an instrumental part of United City, as she serves as the main leader of the United City worship team and in many other areas of the organization also. Letra joined UC in 2014 and grew in her love for the vision and for the city of Lakeland and responded by joining the leadership team the very next year.  She serves as the vocal coach, training the singers of the team to improve their God given abilities. She works to challenge, encourage, and unite the vocalists into one blended sound, the sound of a strong, United city. She contributes in selecting various songs for the annual conference, and works to achieve excellence in music by communicating with both the UC band and vocalists.

Letra is a consistent member of Strong Tower Church in Lakeland, where she also contributes her vocal expertise and servants heart. She has traveled the nation singing for different events, and helped different artists produce a variety of musical projects. She has also had the unique opportunity to produce her own CD. Aside from her many commitments to her church and UC, she is happily married to Eric Davis, and has three children who also enjoy music.

When asked the question: Why did you join United City?

Letra’s response:

“I share the vision of this organization to unite the church body in Lakeland, and I had to be apart of it.”

United City is grateful for Letra’s unwavering dedication and commitment to creating the united sound of Lakeland!


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