Jobin Abraham

Jobin Abraham playing acoustic on the UC worship team

Jobin Abraham is a vital part of the United City band, as well as a key part of the heart behind the ministry. He was a part of the initial creation and vision of United City, and was a part of the organization from the start. He is the lead acoustic guitar player, and has played guitar for over 13 years. He brings his own style, flexibility, and creativity all to the UC band.

Jobin attends IPC Lakeland church and also has participated on his church’s worship team as a leader, guitarist, and pianist. He is very passionate and plays an active role in many different ministries and organizations in the city of Lakeland. His willingness to serve anyone at anytime makes him a special part of the UC family. He works collaboratively with other members of the UC band to create a blended, unique and powerful sound for the glory of God.

When asked, Why did you join United City?

Jobin’s response:

“The vision behind the ministry was something I was interested in, and we absolutely need unity in our city. We need one church in Lakeland.”

United City appreciates Jobin’s long term commitment and loyalty to making a United sound for Lakeland!

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