Marcos Garcia

Marcos Garcia playing bass for United City!

Marcos Garcia is the lead bass player on the United City worship team, and as his instrument is the main foundation of the band, He himself plays a crucial role as part of the backbone of this ministry. Like many others, Marcos was with United City from the start and demonstrated unwavering commitment from year to year. Although often in the background, and playing an instrument that isn’t always seen or heard, Marcos has and continues to remain faithful to his role on the team.

Marcos attends Free life chapel in Lakeland and he serves in his church in various capacities also. Along with bass, He plays acoustic guitar, piano, trumpet, and drums. Along with the many programs he is apart of, he also plays a role of a husband and father to two children. Marcos brings a unique element to the team with his sense of humor, and his extensive musical experience.

When asked, Why did you join United City?

Marcos’ response:

“I think it is neat to unite musicians from different churches, and it is a cool way to minister. Its nice to serve together without any sort of competition between churches, and also without other typical church barriers.”

United City thanks Marcos for being the consistent driving beat for the united sound of Lakeland!

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