Jonathan and Lauren Acevedo

Jonathan and Lauren Acevedo- Couple on UC worship team

Jonathan and Lauren Acevedo are a husband and wife team that both serve consistently in United City. Their love, energy and excitement add a unique element to the team. They both attend the church Generation of Faith and they joined United City in 2014.

Jonathan Acevedo

Jonathan Acevedo- UC worship team Keyboardist

Jonathan plays the keyboard for the United City worship team, and brings his own style, and technique that adds dimension and creativity to the band. Along with keyboard, he often helps as a male vocal lead, and he plays drums occasionally. He plays a strong, consistent role on the team and displays an evident passion for Jesus and for his city.

When asked, Why did you join United City?

Jonathan’s response:

“I joined United City, because I wanted to make a difference. I love this city, and I want to see it United for Jesus. I just want to rock for Jesus and sing and play for a good cause.”

Lauren Acevedo

Lauren Acevedo- UC worship team vocalist

Lauren Acevedo is a strong alto vocalist, and she has committed countless hours to practice and perfect her vocal assignments. She has a quiet and gentle spirit, and displays an intimate devotion to Jesus through her worship. This year she serves as one of the lead alto vocalists, and both encourages and helps new UC singers learn their vocal parts.

When asked, Why did you join United City?

Lauren’s response:

“I wanted to be obedient to the Lord and to my calling. I love this ministry and the people in it.”

United City is overjoyed to have this power couple as an essential part of the United sound of Lakeland!


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