Homes for Heroes LogoHomes for Heroes is the largest national organization of real estate agents and business associates that is working to save money for the heroes of our nation. This non-profit group finds ways for healthcare workers, firefighters, police officers, military personnel, teachers, and clergy members to save money on buying a home and other related purchases.

This organization was founded in 2002 in Minneapolis, MN shortly after the 9/11 tragedy to specifically give back to the heroes who risk their lives everyday for the safety of others. Due to the consistent dedication and presence of Homes for Heroes, over 5 million dollars was given back to countless heroic families in the year 2013/2014. Over 1,000 real-estate specialists were instrumental in making this possible.

Dory Joseph with her clients- Bryant and Melissa Cable

Dory Rodriguez Joseph, a real estate agent and broker has worked tirelessly to help these often unseen heroes find a home. She works on a team with Danielle Barnett, Yadira Camacho, and Glory Padilla in Polk County specifically as a smaller branch of Homes for Heroes. As pictured above, she helped Bryant and Melissa Cable receive money for their home just last year. Bryant Cable was a UH-60 Blackhawk pilot and is now a retired veteran, and Melissa is a first responder. They both have worked effortlessly to serve others, while often putting their lives at risk. Dory and many others use their experience and knowledge of real estate to help these extraordinary families.

Checkout the Homes for Heroes website for more information or their official Facebook page entitled Homes for Heroes Polk County!

United City is thankful Homes for Heroes is a 2017 UC Business and Ministry Expo Vendor.

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