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Community Connection- Love Your Neighbor Evangelism Seminar

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“Love your Neighbor Evangelism Seminar”

Don’t miss out on this awesome opportunity to broaden your horizons and learn how to respectfully, and relationally share the gospel with your Hindu/Asian friends right here in the Lakeland community!

Details of Event

  • Saturday, April 29th- All day Training- 8am- 5pm
  • Registration Fee- $20- Covers Lunch, and Evangelism Training Materials
  • Location: IPC Lakeland Church
    • 4525 Clubhouse Road
      Lakeland FL 33812
  • Where to Register? Church Website – On the Right Side Bar on the home page!
  • Contact People:
    • Sam Joseph- 863.899.1919
    • Josen Silas- 863.370.6645

“Love Your Neighbor” Evangelism materials is written by Cru staff member Cathy Douglass and taught by Cathy and her team of qualified associate trainers. It encompasses 12 hours of interactive teaching, discussion, demonstration, practices, videos and a recommended visit to a nearby temple. It concludes with practical strategies and tools for continued application. The notebook received for the training contains many articles and resources for further study. Students will find many principles applicable to evangelism with people from a variety of backgrounds. Cathy Douglass has been a missionary since 1978 and specialized in ministering to South Asians since 1993!

Register Now!!!

Also Checkout the Facebook Event, and invite your friends!

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