About United CIty

UNITED CITY is the result of pursuing God’s heart for unity as expressed in John 17 and hundreds of other references throughout the Bible.  We believe that whatever God is going to do in the world, He is going to do so through the Church, one that is unified.

United City is the collaborative efforts of people just like you, people who love Christ, His Church and are called to serve Him here in our City. We believe that God has brought you here to Lakeland, to this exact place in the world, at this exact moment in history. You are integral to the work that God wants to do here and now:

To transform life in Lakeland through united relationships and resources.

About United City - Lakeland, FL - Worship, Pray and Serve Together - Watchmen Arise
An example of this is the beautiful relationship between Kim Johnson of Watchmen Arise and UC.  The Ministry of Watchmen Arise International (WAI) was birthed with the mandate to raise up and activate God’s prayer army through training, activation and networking of prayer troops throughout the nations to unify the Body of Christ in mission and purpose.  WAI specializes in traning, organizational development and coaching services that are tailored to the prayer needs of your church, ministry, business and region.  Our goal is to get you trained and equipped in the arena of intercessory prayer through personal consultation, onsite training, workshops and media.

For more information please go to www.watchmenarise.com

About United City - Lakeland, FL - Worship, Pray and Serve Together - Nehemiah's Call
Another powerful relationship is the one between UC and Nehemiah’s Call Lakeland. Robert Lindquist is giving direction to Nehemiah’s call, an intergenerational, interactive Intercessory Prayer group that meets every Tuesday at Mitchell’s Coffee House, downtown Lakeland, from 7:30am-8:30am.  If you have a heart to pray, to go after God until change comes, then you want to stop by and cry out with people from all over the city.

For more info please email Robert at robert.lindquist@hotmail.com